Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In Which We Explore The Word Sheople.

I'm guessing on the spelling there. Sheople. Sheep and people. Sheeple? No, Sheople is surely more appropriate and since it is a brand new fad word that will be gone in a few months I guess it does matter how it's spelled, does it?

Nothing matters, does it, sheople fucktard mother fucks.

Do you know what kind of punishment will befall Scooter Libby for violating his Top Secret clearence and leaking the identity of a CIA operative because he was asked to by the President and VP so they could have revenge on the operatives husband for writing something that displeased them?

NO PUNISHMENT sheople fucktards.

Nothing. want to know why? Because they know you don't care.

Your liberty is being stolen and you sit idly by and watch that fucking American Idle and give a shit about Brad And Angelina's african baby.

You graze off the swill they feed you and pay no attention as all you liberty is sucked away so that the overlords can rule in comfort while you feel happy punching your timeclocks and making payments on your cars and sofas. Doesn't matter that in ten years there will be no more free internet and you will have no freedom of speech of freedom to travel. You will be able to get to your job, refrigerator and sofa. You purpose in this life will be to create revenue that keeps the wealthy wealthy and you asleep.

Sleep sheep fucks.

Or start breaking shit! Now!


Blogger Big D said...


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Blogger cestmois said...

I like sheeple better; the 'o' confuses my small brain.

BTW, it's not true that nothing will come of Scooter Libby's crimes - I'm quite sure he'll get a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

3:33 PM  

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