Monday, February 27, 2006

In Which I Can't Help Thinking Of Bush

For the thousands of regular readers of this blog I have to apologize for my recent irregularity. Much of the best writing here has been inspired by anger. I'm less angry these days. I'm still completely dismayed but less angry about it.

I finally watched The Pianist and by minute 28 I thought, "I can't. I won't make it through." It's a great movie and I'm sure that most of you have already seen it but what I was entranced by was watching the history of the Warsaw Uprising as depicted in the movie.

So I wanted to learn more about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the Warsaw Uprising. I have not researched this but I wonder if the movie was not criticized as being a condemnation of Jewish collaborators who policed the Warsaw Ghetto. The movie makes it seem like the Nazis would not have been able to control the ghetto without the help of this Jewish police force. I think a character in the movie said that the ghetto housed a half million, Wikipedia says 380,000 -- I tend to think that even the smaller number would have been difficult to manage.

Anyway... I could not watch this movie without thinking that this bullshit red state vs blue state division that the fucking media ejaculates on us is nothing more than a way of dividing us into groups so that we are less strong. Divide Jew from non-Jew. Divide collaborator from Jew. And now we divide black and white, liberal and republican, ad infinitum.

The only way that we have a chance to respond to the totalitarianism that Bush is bringing our direction is to shine the light on it every day and stay united.

I'm with Republicans who oppose the UAE take-over of US ports. Good for them for breaking with the fuhrer and having the balls to see through to his ugly scheming.


Blogger Geo said...

Division is the name the game. When us is Divided, the powerful can destroy the entire safety net that we built up over the years since the end of WW2, one piece at a time. And the huge deficit that Bushman has built up is only a tool to further tear down the safety net. He'll say we can't afford it now. But I'm 68 and I'll be pushing up daisies by that time. No I won't 'cause I'm being cremated, but one day at a time I can write my congresspeople and letters to the editor and chip away at the greed and corruption and no longer be discouraged and raging because rage can kill us alcoholics. My only one day slip with a glass of wine 20 years ago was generated by my powerless sense of rage at somebody I couldn't control.

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