Monday, August 14, 2006

In Which I Am Still On The Plan But Not On The Scale

Last week was a trying week for this fruit three days a week eating program and there may have been some slippage.

But this if fine. I am still with it. That was what we call in the eating program business flexibility.

Still with it.

Updates to follow.

Why no blogs from me?

I'm making videos and putting them up at youtube. Much better than blogging.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

In Which You Better Watch A Fucking Movie

The last time I linked to this video -- the video was immediately disabled by them. Watch this as sson as you can.

In Which The Scale Moved To 219

Still on the program... longest time I have stayed with something like this.

Also -- just archiving this thing below in case their is any righteous indignation left in humanity:


The Scotsman Thu 3 Aug 2006
An Iraqi opens the door of his house to US...

An Iraqi opens the door of his house to US marines during a search after a suicide bombing. The forces' presence continues to spur activity by insurgents, with demonstrations yesterday calling for terrorism to be crushed. Picture: Jaime Razori/ Getty Images

Case builds against 'massacre' marines


Criminal investigators complete initial inquiries as naval prosecutors review findings and consider whether to recommend charges against officers over deaths

EVIDENCE collected on the deaths of 24 Iraqis in the western town of Haditha supports accusations that US marines killed civilians, including unarmed women and children, a US defence department official said yesterday.

Agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service have completed their initial work on the incident last November, but may be asked to probe further as marine and navy prosecutors review the evidence and determine whether to recommend criminal charges, according to two Pentagon officials who discussed the matter on condition of anonymity.

The decision on whether to press criminal charges ultimately will be made by the commander of the accused marines' parent unit, the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force.

The case, which has been characterised in political terms as being similar to the infamous My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War, is one of several involving alleged unjustified killings of Iraqi civilians that have emerged this year, damaging the American military's reputation for humane treatment of civilians and triggering calls by some Iraqi leaders to end the arrangement under which US troops are immune from prosecution by Iraqi authorities.

The marines, of Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, initially reported after the 19 November, 2005 killings at Haditha that 15 Iraqi civilians had been killed by a makeshift roadside bomb and in crossfire between marines and insurgent attackers. Based on accounts from survivors and human rights groups, Time magazine first reported in March that the killings were deliberate acts by the marines immediately following the death of one their comrades, Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas, in a roadside bombing.

A criminal investigation was then ordered by the top marine commander in Iraq, Major General Richard Zilmer.

A parallel investigation is examining whether officers in the marines' chain of command tried to cover up the events.

The investigation, which has not been made public, faults some officers for failing to pursue obvious discrepancies in the initial reports about what happened in Haditha and for not launching an early investigation.

Public attention on the Haditha case grew after John Murtha, a senior Congressman and a former marine himself, asserted publicly on 17 May that he had learned from marine corps officials that innocent Iraqis had been killed "in cold blood".

Lawyers for Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, one of the marines under investigation, argue in a lawsuit filed yesterday in federal court that Mr Murtha has falsely accused Sgt Wuterich of murder and war crimes.

Meanwhile, in Iraq yesterday, the president, Jalal Talabani, said that local forces will take over the country's general security coalition troops by December.

"We are highly optimistic we will terminate terrorism in this year," Mr Talabani said. He dismissed the recent surge by extremists as "the last arrows in their pockets".

The US-led multinational forces - responsible for 17 of Iraq's 18 provinces - are playing "a supportive" role, Mr Talabani said.

"The Iraqi forces will take over security in all Iraqi provinces by the end of this year gradually, and with God's will, we will take the lead," he said.

Iraqi leaders have said previously that their goal is to be fully in control of the country's security by the end of this year , but Mr Talabani's statement is the most specific on the subject.

In slight contradiction to Mr Talabani, Sir Jock Stirrup, Britain's Chief of Defence Staff, speaking after the death Corporal Matthew Cornish in a mortar attack on the British army base in Basra on Tuesday, yesterday said UK forces were likely to hand over control of the southern Iraqi city of Basra to local security forces early next year.

"We are now on a good path to hand over provincial control of Basra some time in the first part of next year," he said. "But these are difficult issues we are grappling with and I can't forecast what will happen over the next several months."

Violence continued to convulse Iraq yesterday. In one incident, two hidden bombs exploded on a football field, killing nine youths, as two mortars landed while another football game was under way, killing three children, police said.

The young men killed by the home-made bombs in Amil district of western Baghdad were aged between 15 and 25, said Maitham Abdul Razzaq, a police lieutenant .

About an hour earlier, two mortar shells hit Abu Dshir residential area in Baghdad, one landing on a football pitch and killing three children aged under 15, said police captain Firas Queti. The other mortar landed on a house, injuring a couple and their child.

Thousands of Shiite civilians marched through Baghdad yesterday in a show of force to demand an end to the sectarian strife. Young men in uniforms and headbands, members of what are known as the popular committees, chanted as a speaker urged them to crush Saddam Hussein loyalists leading a Sunni insurgency against the Shiite-led government.

"Stamp on terrorism," he said.

The crowd included members of the Badr Organisation, one of the armed Shi'ite groups that Sunni Arabs accuse of running militia death squads, a charge they deny.

"We have to benefit from this wide popular base, and the state and Iraqi people should form these popular regional committees from the best of our young men to face terrorism," Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, one of Iraq's most powerful Shiite leaders, told the crowd. "They will defend people of districts; Sunnis, Shi'ites, Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen. They do not differentiate between anybody. They will provide support for the official security apparatus."

The prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, whose reconciliation plan has failed to reduce sectarian bloodshed, has promised to disband the militias many fear will push the country into civil war.

"The first enemy is the Baathist Saddam loyalists and their henchmen, the Islamic extremists," said Mr Hakim.

Officially, the event was held to mark the third anniversary of the death of Mr Hakim's brother, Ayatollah Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim, in a bombing in the city of Najaf.

But the speeches also covered some of the most explosive issues in Iraq, such as federalism, which is opposed by Sunnis who fear it will leave them deprived of oil in resource-poor central Iraq.

"We believe that implementation of a federal system in Iraq will achieve justice and rebuild Iraq and guarantee the unity of the Iraqi people and land," said Mr Hakim.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Which We Are Steady At 220

I know I got so excited becasue the pointer on the scale was a little to the left of 220 at last report. This morning it was sirectly on it. Adn that's cool. It was a weekend full of food and then I went for the Monday fruit day but there was a "brunch." I thought I could get through it on fruit alone but my lovely wife made a tortilla espanola for our guests and I tumbled and fell. Tuesday became a fruit day. It was miserable. And 98 percent successful -- I had a couple carbos wen the vision started to go double.

This morning I haven't eaten because I am not yet hungry and am racing off to have a favorite food -- Betos -- rather than eat something I will only sort of appreciate. Rather enjoy my food completely at this point.

Anyway... still on it.

Feel like the 220 at this point is the end of a plateau and I will lose again by the end of this week probably -- but Saturday becomes a fruit day and then I will return to Monday Wednesday Friday next week.

Sorry I'm a pathetic blogger these days -- it has to be done though.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In Which I Am Still Following Through...

It's all the obesity reports and longevity... aparently the fat people don't make it. Also in all this I had the revelation that I have been overweight for fifteen years. I mean, that's long enough.

So while it is have wrecked my blogging, I am still with the three day a week fruit plan. It's a Tuesday morning and I haven't eaten anything yet. Felt miserably muddied mentally last night and watched a very stupid DVD -- the 1965 That Darn Cat -- some genius will surely make a fucking oodle remaiking that dog. It is like a comedian past his prime dying on stage. Ten minutes in the drivein with the manager falling into popcorn ad ice cream.

And me starving.

Anyway I got on the scale this morning and the needle went just a milimeter to the left of 220, which most of you would call 22o but I call it progress. If you do the math, you'll see the curve of the weight loss has slowed dramatically. But that's okay. It does say one day at a time up there.

Monday, July 03, 2006

In Which It Is Still Monday of Week 3 and I am Very Hungry...

So... beginning week three of this... I was feeling so spacy today that I wrote something on the board in front of the class... turned around to continue lecturing... talked for a while and then turned back to the board and saw some writing I didn't recognize and, "Oh, what's this?" And of course it was the words that I had written only moments before.

But I am still with the fruitostity. Hanging in if barely.

Tomorrow is an eating day.

Not an over-eating day.

In Which We Begin Week Three -- 225

For those of you paying attention, yes... that means I lost five pounds. And actually I was down to 221 but the weekend of regular eating cost me dearly and today I weighed and am at 225.

And so I will feel good about this.

I am taking action.

Head feels foggy from this fruit day and it is hardly afternoon.

Monday, June 26, 2006

In Which We Begin Week Two -- 230

I survived a very simple eating program last week that simply recommends that on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I eat nothing but fruit. After doing that last week, and eating regularly on Tuesday and Thursday, I had lost 5 pounds by Saturday morning.

I ate regularly over the weekend and today I begin a second set of Monday, Wednesday, Friday fruit eating.

Looking forward to it.

Will weigh again next Saturday.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

In Which This Blog Becomes Worse Than A Mommy Blog

There was a while at this blog when I cared that people read it and I wrote nothing but inflamatory or amusing shit just to keep people semi-interested. Of course, those kinds of posts will continue to appear from time to time but I realize that this blog can also be thought of as an archive, incomplete and completely inaccurate, of this period of my life. For me it will be kind of like looking through the old year books and chuckling. For my children, it will be an embarassing excusion into the fiction of this period.

I am of course calling most of what I have written here fiction to throw off the FBI profilers who may one day try to use this all against me.

[That is a line for the press, of course].

Anyway... onto the stupid mommy blog shit:

Last Monday I ate nothing but fruit.

Last Wednesday I ate nothing but fruit.

And yesterday, which was Friday, I ate nothing but fruit and by the evening I was really quite hungry.

On Tuesday and Thursday I ate normally.

Today is Saturday, a day on which I am eating normally again and I have lost 5 pounds.

Woo hoo.

That was a subdued if not sarcastic woo hoo.

I have lost weight before. I have gained it back. I realize now that unless I lose weight I will always be referred to by aquaintances as "big buy".

If you think you are my friend and you have ever referred to me as "big guy" you were immediately placed in the aquaintances collumn of my relations. Wondering why you haven't heard from me? It was the "big guy" comment, asshole. Do I call you ugly? No. It is a little thing I notice every time I see you but I have the tact not to mention it. You should have the tact to keep your fucking "big guy" comments to yourself.

Also -- just in case I get lucky enough for this fucking troll to cruise by: Easiest way to get put on my "Fuck This Asshole Up" list: Pat my wife on her ass and then tell me it's because you think of us all as such close buds.

Yeah, more mommy blog shit but this actually happened. I fucking called the dude out on the spot and, being the vagina that he is, he pussed out. If you make a pass at someone's wife, you should have the fucking dignity to take your ass whupping like like a man. But some people are little fucking cry baby pussies.

Umm... were you wondering how I felt about you after you patted my wife's ass? Were you wondering what I meant when I fucking yelled in your faggy, gay assed face and made you flinch, "If you ever touch my wife's ass again I will kick your mother fucking ass?" Wanna know what that means? It means I will kick your fag ass. But sadly I won't get that chance because you've been dismissed fucker. You have been written off. You have been cast aside.

What's funny: you don't even know it.

After my understandable outburst, and your totally bitch like recapitulation and teary eyed apologies, I pretended to forgive you. We finished out our little visit nicely and with no perceivable ill will. I thought that was very mature of me.

But you have been vanquished vagina boy.

I love blogging.

[I hope this fag comes by and leaves comments].

Saturday, June 17, 2006

In Which We Do A Little Math

Okay... so Sir Paul McCartney has been married four years to this little tramp and now he has to give her the boot. That's understandable. They've clearly had differences. Things aren't working out. You can't believe anything you read in the papers except if the following is true it is a real shame.

Apparently for the four year marriage, she stands to benifit more than 250 million dollars. Possibly getting as much at 300,000,000. I just spelled that out to get my mind around all those zeros. Shit.

Let's cut to the chase on this bad boy: Why do men get married? Pussy.

So let's see how much the pussy he has had over the last four years is going to cost him. Lets go with the lower estimate of $250 Million.

Over four years, how much pussy did he actually get? He is 64 years old after all. How much does a dude that old really want?

They were married for roughly 1460 days. Let's be kind to Sir Paul and say he got laid once every other day -- which I think is totally fucking respectable for a dude who is 64. That would be 730 pieces of ass. And remember -- this isn't even perfectly new ass after the you pass 200.

So how much will each of these fucks have cost him after he shells out to this bitch he is trying to divorce?

How much did he pay per fuck? (and you know this number is actually much higher -- you know I'm being extra kind to say he could perform once every two days. This chick probably wasn't even that willing. And what about the break week? I'm not even calculating that in there.) $342,456.75

He probably didn't even get laid 250 times in the four years. We could be talking a million bucks per fuck or more.

This is a serious travesty of justice.

You might say, ahhh, who cares. They'll both be fucking sublimely rich. Who cares?

Well, for me, it's the principle of the thing. Paul deserves it. She does not. Unless he cares to share what made it so good for him. But even then, are you really going to believe it?

Friday, June 16, 2006

In Which We Type In More URLs To See If They Exist -- This url is surprisingly available, considering the number of totally retarded fuckers in this world.

Let's try another. -- Register this today! -- While this one is not about the so-called friend that I was thinking about, it does exist.
-- Okay -- this one too is not about who I was thinking of but it could be. -- I know someone that this url fits to a tee. Register it if you want to. -- This site exists and the url again is exactly perfect for the person that I am thinking of. -- Welp, this is perhaps the best way to describe the person I am thinking of and since it is available, I am off to register it and make my tribute to him.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In Which We Explore The Word Sheople.

I'm guessing on the spelling there. Sheople. Sheep and people. Sheeple? No, Sheople is surely more appropriate and since it is a brand new fad word that will be gone in a few months I guess it does matter how it's spelled, does it?

Nothing matters, does it, sheople fucktard mother fucks.

Do you know what kind of punishment will befall Scooter Libby for violating his Top Secret clearence and leaking the identity of a CIA operative because he was asked to by the President and VP so they could have revenge on the operatives husband for writing something that displeased them?

NO PUNISHMENT sheople fucktards.

Nothing. want to know why? Because they know you don't care.

Your liberty is being stolen and you sit idly by and watch that fucking American Idle and give a shit about Brad And Angelina's african baby.

You graze off the swill they feed you and pay no attention as all you liberty is sucked away so that the overlords can rule in comfort while you feel happy punching your timeclocks and making payments on your cars and sofas. Doesn't matter that in ten years there will be no more free internet and you will have no freedom of speech of freedom to travel. You will be able to get to your job, refrigerator and sofa. You purpose in this life will be to create revenue that keeps the wealthy wealthy and you asleep.

Sleep sheep fucks.

Or start breaking shit! Now!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

In Which This Blog Does Not Peter Out.

Blog URLs I type in off the top of my head to see what happens. This blog was written in real time: -- this blog offers us one stupic post from march of 2001 -- excellent blog URL wasted. -- offers one rant from December 2003 about George W. Bush:
PLEASE REMEMBER: Just because Bush, his cronies and lemmings mindlessly repeat their falsehoods over and over again, it does not make them true! And ultra-right-wing radio and TV (Fox News, Limbaugh, etc) shills for these . . . let's face it, they really are . . . liars!

I would say the poor fuck had potential but no follow through. -- this one is available. Some bastard oughta go and snap that one up. -- This blog contains four posts from January 2004 -- in her last post she solved the greatest question in the universe and then decided that she had nothing more to say:
Life : whats to say - I wonder why they cal it the life cycle. is it because we do similar things day to day or get stuck in a routine,like - work go home eat watch Tv sleep get up go to work again - maybe. But mostly I think its a amatter of choice life doesnt have to be a routine cycle it what you make of it and how you manage your time that determines what you will do next. Its my opinion that you have to take life a day a time and to take a step forward to new horizons every day.
God Bless you all.
snapitup.............while you can. -- available -- available Esther Chang wrote: "what is this? sostupid =) like me!" That was all she wrote. She can look back on the whole blogging thing as a success. -- ooh, that one appeared available but I quickly ran to snap it up and it wasnt. It's a place holder or something. -- again, a one poster -- but this young writer got directly to the heart of drama and suspense in his one and only blog post -- I actually recommend you read this one. -- nothing. -- seriously.

Friday, March 03, 2006

In Which Bush Continues To Be A Moron

I just heard Bush on NPR saying that India was founded on the exact same principles including that "all men are created equal."


Am I the only one who remembers the cast system?

Could Bush be the dumbest assed fucker on the planet?

Could NPR be full of morons? Not one of them pointed out this obvious fucking error.

Monday, February 27, 2006

In Which I Can't Help Thinking Of Bush

For the thousands of regular readers of this blog I have to apologize for my recent irregularity. Much of the best writing here has been inspired by anger. I'm less angry these days. I'm still completely dismayed but less angry about it.

I finally watched The Pianist and by minute 28 I thought, "I can't. I won't make it through." It's a great movie and I'm sure that most of you have already seen it but what I was entranced by was watching the history of the Warsaw Uprising as depicted in the movie.

So I wanted to learn more about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the Warsaw Uprising. I have not researched this but I wonder if the movie was not criticized as being a condemnation of Jewish collaborators who policed the Warsaw Ghetto. The movie makes it seem like the Nazis would not have been able to control the ghetto without the help of this Jewish police force. I think a character in the movie said that the ghetto housed a half million, Wikipedia says 380,000 -- I tend to think that even the smaller number would have been difficult to manage.

Anyway... I could not watch this movie without thinking that this bullshit red state vs blue state division that the fucking media ejaculates on us is nothing more than a way of dividing us into groups so that we are less strong. Divide Jew from non-Jew. Divide collaborator from Jew. And now we divide black and white, liberal and republican, ad infinitum.

The only way that we have a chance to respond to the totalitarianism that Bush is bringing our direction is to shine the light on it every day and stay united.

I'm with Republicans who oppose the UAE take-over of US ports. Good for them for breaking with the fuhrer and having the balls to see through to his ugly scheming.